Within the project „I Worth for Two“ during the national action „Croatia Volunteering“ the implementation of survey about volunteers’ engagement recognition of young people and influence of volunteering on increasing the labour market concurrency, has started. In order to achieve the goal, 5 civil society organizations – Volunteer Centre Osijek P.G.D.I. from Beli Manastir, Oppidum from Pozega, Information Legal Centre from Slavonski and PRONI Centre for Social Education, with the great support of volunteers, implements research in 4 counties – Osijek-Baranja, Pozega-Slavonia, Brod-Posavina and Vukovar-Srijem, in which 1500 youth will be tackled.
Compiled results will be used for further development of voluntarism and improving of volunteers’ engagement recognition, as well as for the following activities of this project.
Upon completing this research, there will be another one, but will tackle employers, since one of the project goals is to raise awareness among employers about recognition and validation of volunteering and acquired competences gained through volunteering aiming at easier involving of volunteers in the labour market.

Research Vukovar 1

Research Vukovar 2

Research Pozega

Research Slavonski Brod 1

Research Slavonski Brod 2

Research Slavonski Brod 3