After a long time of waiting, we are happy to informing you that the project “Moving Images of Art and Culture” officially started with the implementation on the 8th of February 2018, with signing the contract.


The project will be implemented in 4 local communities in east part of Croatia, Darda, Zmajevac, Osijek and Vukovar, and will include 80 young people with fewer opportunities (unemployed, members of national minorities and young recipients of social welfare) throughout 18 months of various activities.

The main applicant is PRONI Center for Social Education while the partners in the project are Association of culture and art “Jozsef Attila” from Zmajevac and Association for media and multimedia creative technical, artistic and authoritative expression “Hedgehog Perfections” from Osijek.
The project will include youth work activities in the field of culture and art creativity, aiming at developing youth potentials, and enabling that new skills and ideas, and the estimated economic and creative potential of young people, raise their employment and/or self-employment opportunities, primarily in our region.

The project is implemented in the European Social Fund and will be run from February 2018 to August 2019. Project value is 778.930,45 HRK.