PRONI Centre for social education/Youth Info Centre Vukovar on 8th of July 2015 have had organized and held one more in a series of “Traveling Info Desk” in city centre of Vukovar, near Velepromet market.

Theme of this “Traveling Info Desk” was tourism in Vukovar and youth mobility through EU programs (ERASMUS+).


This activity raised the level of awareness of citizens, especially young people, about events in the city, mobility and how they can join in the programs.

During these activity 8 volunteers of Youth Info Center Vukovar gave more than 500 promotional and informational materials, and by the stand, people could get more information.

PI 3

All those who haven’t manage to come and get materials can do that in the City Library of Vukovar or personally come to Youth Info Center Vukovar, at 204 Vukovarske brigade 43, a take what they need.

This activity is financed by the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth and by the City of Vukovar.

Want to know more about the atmosphere during this activity peek at Facebook gallery.