PRONI Centre for social education in a partnership with City of Vukovar and Vukovar Institute for Peace Research and Education in a beginning of April started with implementation of “Step forward” project.

Project will last 15 months and the aim is to increase the level of motivation and prospects for integration of long-term unemployed members of national minorities, social care and assistance beneficiaries in labour market of Vukovar-Srijem County.

With a aim to increase employability, with this project we wish to support and develop work competencies of target group by implementing appropriate educational activities, psycho-social support, practical placements and promotion of cross-sector partnership approach in the fields of social inclusion and community participation.

Since project “Step forward” is in a way follow up activity of “Restart” project during which was achieved significant progress with members of target group where they were directly involved in making of this project, during 15 months all together we will work with 33 long term unemployed people, who are members of national minority or beneficiaries of social welfare through these activities:

  1. Motivation, development of individual action plans and supervision of progress within a target group.
  2. Implementation of workshop “How to deal with difficult situations”, and continuous individual psycho – social support
  3. Implementation of courses needed on labour market ( “ECDL – specialist diploma”, Auto Cad, Graphical design and English language – advanced)
  4. Development and implementation of practical methods focused on developing of working skills and social inclusion.
  5. Promotional activities

Project “Step forward” is financed by European union through program “Establishing Support in Social Integration and Employment of Disadvantaged and Marginalized Groups” within a IPA IV component “Human resources development” with 104.973,76 euro.

For additional information:
Sanja Vukovic Covic
Project coordinator
031 / 207 – 428