The project is jointly implemented and with the financial support of the Osijek-Baranja County Youth Council and in cooperation with other Youth Councils and CSO from the County.

Geographical implementation region: Osijek-Baranja County

Overall goal: to contribute to the level of informing, motivation and participation of young people in Osijek-Baranja County in life and work of their own local community, by using interactive and for them acceptable approach.

Specific goals:

  1. To motivate young people of Osijek-Baranja County for participation in decision-making processes relevant for them, and to involve them in existing organized forms for youth, in order to achieve their rights and fulfill the needs, through informing about existing possibilities and ways of participation in Croatia and EU Youth policies.
  2. To stress the importance od cross-sector cooperation in youth conflict resolution which
  3. To inform young people and wider public about existing forms of organizing youth and about involvement possibilities, as well as about existing laws and strategies relevant for youth.

Target group: Youth between 17 and 30 (pupils of final secondary school grades, students and other young people), as well as representatives of Youth Councils, Youth Political Branches and CSOs active in 7 cities of Osijek-Baranja County: Osijek, Beli Manastir, Djakovo, Donji Miholjac, Nasice, Belisce and Valpovo.


  1. Info-workshops in 7 cities of Osijek-Baranja County about possibilities and ways of youth activism
  2. Round tables on youth participation topic, which will be implemented in Djakovo within the celebration of European Youth Information Day
  3. Design, creation and dissemination of bulletin with contacts and information supportive to young people in realization of their own personal choice, as well as for promotion of Day of Youth

Project implementation: From February 1st till October 1st, 2013.