Project Description

The project entitled “Moving Images of Art and Culture”, conducted by PRONI Center for Social Education in partnership with the Association of art and culture “Jozsef Attila” from Zmajevac and Association for media and multimedia creative, technical, artistic and authoritative expression of “Hedgehog Perfections” from Osijek, aims to awaken and develop the creative potential of young people with fewer opportunities in Osijek-Baranja and Vukovar-Srijem County, foster their better social integration, reduce social isolation and prevent their antisocial behavior.
For the duration of 18 months, the project activities are part of the project element “Developing the creative and social skills of disadvantaged young people”, which specifically aims at achieving the development of social and creative skills of young people that can contribute to their social inclusion by enabling thrir approach to cultural and artistic contents and their creation of new ones, through activities in the field of applied design, dance and multimedia.

With a number of artistic and cultural activities of young people we want to contribute to their activism in local communities and help them develop skills that in the future can provide new opportunities for their employment and self-employment.

The project’s activities are focused on artistic creation of young people with specific assessment of their creative and economic potentials, as well as presentation of their work to the public, making linkage with relevant stakeholders in local communities who can recognize their skills and knowledge and incorporate them into the development processes  through the culture, tradition and tourism of this region.
The direct beneficiaries of the project are 80 disadvantaged young people, 15-25 years old, from the OBŽ and VSŽ (minorities, unemployed, beneficiaries of social welfare).

The project “Moving Images of Art and Culture” will last from February 2018 till August 2019.

The total amount of the project is 778.930,45 HRK. The amount of European Union co-financing is 662,090,88 HRK.

OP ULJP_ESF-logo lenta i napisContact person for more info:

Irena Mikulić,
Project Manager


The project is co-financed by European Union from European Social Fund.
The project content is sole responsibility of PRONI Center for Social Education. ;