erasmusFunded by EUThe project “I Worth for Two” is based on structured dialogue between young people and decision-makers from 4 Slavonian Counties – Osijek-Baranja, Vukovar-Srijem, Pozega-Slavonia and Brod-Posavina. More precisely, in the project are from one side involved 100 young people regardless of voluntary experience or their level of activism in local community, and from another side in the decision-makers role, 50 representatives from Local Partnership for Employment and 5 representatives of bigger employers from targeted region. The project in cooperation with another 4 civil society organizations – Volunteer Centre Osijek and P.G.D.I. from Osijek-Baranja, Oppidum from Pozega-Slavonia and Information Legal Centre from Brod-Posavina County, will be implemented throughout the period of 8 months in the region of east Croatia. The project is divided in three phases (preparatory, main and follow up), and each of them is significant for achieving the project objectives directed towards raising awareness of citizens, particularly young people, about the importance and value of participation in volunteer programs, community contribution and possibilities for personal and professional development through volunteering, as well as raising awareness among employers about recognition and validation of volunteering and acquired competences gained through volunteering aiming at easier involving of volunteers in the labor market. Also, the project aims at encouraging a wider network of stakeholders, primarily members of Local Partnership for Employment and media, on active promotion and participation in developing voluntary programs and strategies directed towards employers’ motivation enhancement in volunteering recognition and easier involvement of volunteers in the labor market. In order to achieve set up objectives, during the project the survey with 1500 young people and 250 employers will be implemented, and than based on results, the implementation of 5 separately focus discussions with young people, 5 separately focus discussions with decision-makers and one joint focus discussion on which at least 5 representatives of bigger employers from east Croatia will be present, will be done. The summary of conclusions and recommendations from focus discussions, together with the tailor-made produced promotional material, will be disseminated throughout the region aiming at achieving the wider impact on targeted project groups, enhance the recognition and validation of voluntarism in practice, especially among employers, as well as achieving the impact on strategic changes related to voluntarism and validation of volunteers, aiming at their easier involvement in the labor market through the creation of new measures within the County Strategies for Human Resource Development.

The project “I Worth for Two” whose holder is The PRONI Centre for Social Education, is financed by European Union through programme Erasmus+, Key Activity 3 (KA3) – Support for policy reforms – Structrued Dialogue: Meetings between young people and decision-makers in the field of youth