As a part of visit to the city of Osijek, European Union ambassador in Republic of Croatia Mr. Paul Vandoren, visited on the 7th of September PRONI Center for Social Education. The main topic was implementation of several EU funded projects which PRONI Center currently implements. Among all the projects is also the “EU minds”, which included research about youth attitudes towards EU. 

Day after publishing research results, which Delegation of European Union in Republic of Croatia ordered from “Ipsos Puls” Agency, the ambassador Vandoren talked with PRONI staff about the results of “EU minds” research, conducted with 1500 pupils of high school final grades in Osijek-Baranja, Sisak-Moslavina and Vukovar-Sirmium Counties. The conclusion was that both researches are complementing each other, since they showed the impact of the end of EU pre-accession negotiations on lower level of euroscepticism.
One of the meeting conclusions was that there is still a lot of work to be done with youth as well as other groups, in terms of informing, and especially that big role in this process relays on media. EU had also recognized this issue, and therefore in July concluded Call for proposals for IPA INFO 2010 program emphasis partnership with media. Ambassador Vandoren stressed that he does not have a lot of possibilities to see how the projects are implemented on the field, because he is always on “big meetings”, so he asked about the implementation of “Restart”, “Step by Step” and “Youth Employment Task-force” projects which are currently run by PRONI Center.