Behind us is the wonderful 10 days of socializing within the Art & Crafts Woodpeckers project, implemented by PRONI Center for Social Education in Pirovac, Croatia.

Youth Exchange, which was implemented from 19 to 28 June 2019 under Erasmus + KA1 – Mobility for learning was certainly one of the most beautiful experiences for both organizers and all partner organizations and their participants. As part of the Art & Crafts Woodpeckers project, we’ve hosted 25 participants from 5 different organizations/countries with their immense contribution to the development and implementation of the activities, have made this meeting of young people and their leaders a unique learning, work and social background.

The Youth Exchange was preceded by an APV (Advance Plan Visit) preparatory meeting, held from 30 to 31 May 2019, where representatives of 5 partner organizations met for the purpose of planning activities. After the successful meeting followed the period of selection of the participants, their preparations for the upcoming activities and preparation of the place/space for the implementation of the youth exchange in the Pirovac Training Center.

10 days of fantastic socializing

Already during the preparation through APV, we felt great energy and set the conditions for what followed. From the first day of the arrival of the participants in Pirovac, we started implementing the program to introduce participants, their organizations and their personal and group competences to get to know each other more closely and to express their expectations for the youth exchange.

Participants were introduced with a project program and in an interesting interactive way we’ve presented Erasmus + program, the opportunities offered to the users and the Youthpass certificate, which all participants will receive as confirmation of the acquired competences.

With the interesting start of program implementation, the participants had an opportunity to socialize through informal actions and organized intercultural meals to bring them closer to the cultures of our partner countries and to get acquainted with the traditions of the places where our participants live.

After introductory presentations and lectures, the participants started exploring the community in search of the discarded natural elements that will later be used for the creation of practical things/subjects with the leadership of the group leader and moderator of the meeting, in which participants were given the opportunity to present and understand the essence of recycling and craft opportunities.

By gathering different elements from nature, marked the start of the creation of interesting objects that the participants themselves designed, designed and then independently created. It is a total of 28 different individual and group projects with more than 40 elements for everyday practical use or decorative character.

As the work would not be monotonous, the group leaders together with the organizer of the meeting organized fun activities such as the already mentioned intercultural evenings, informal gatherings and trips to the island of Murter and a visit to the Museum of old vessels characteristic for Croatia. In this way the participants had the opportunity to learn from each other, to exchange experiences and to build the network for the cooperation.

This fantastic project is a fruit of reflection and cooperation of five organizations from five different countries that have recognized the importance of informal learning, exchanges of experiences and cultures for the purpose of future connectivity and directed action to address the various problems that young people encounter in their private but also business world.

As the aim of the Art & Craft Woodpeckers project is to improve the level of special skills and competences of young people, especially in relation to their importance to the labor market by applying the methods of informal learning and practical work with which we want to encourage creativity and excellence, we can now say that we have reached it. But, also set the conditions for further cooperation of partner organizations that will surely continue to develop similar ventures.

Youth exchanges is behind us, but we are preparing an excellent Booklet to show what we did in Pirovac, how we learned and how the participants experienced this phenomenal experience that we will share with the public in all participating countries.

In the implementation of the exchange and also of the whole project participated:

PRONI Center for Social Teaching – Croatia

YOUTH ALMA – Romania,

Asociación para la Participación Oportunidad y Desarrollo – Spain,

All-Ukrainian Association for Youth – Ukraine,


The project is co-financed by EU funds through the Erasmus + KA1 program: Mobility for the purpose of learning for individuals with a total value of 18.105,00 EUR. and is implemented in a period of 6 months, from 1.05.2019. until 31.10.2019.

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