Within the project “We’ll shadow you”, financed by EU through Erasmus + program, the employees of PRONI Centre for Social Education went from September 6 to 14, on 9-days long job shadowing which was implemented in Dutch youth organization, JONG Rotterdam, in The Netherlands. The aim of visit was to gain new knowledge and skills in the field of youth informing and counselling. During the job shadowing in partner organization, active in the field of youth, specifically in the field of informing and counselling, PRONI employees were on daily basis introduced with the methods of work which colleagues from partner organization implements in their daily work with young people inside of Youth information centre or during field work on the streets, schools or some other places where young people gathers. Upon this visit, the employees of both partner organization will work on creation of Manual with methods and examples of work (good practice) with youth in the field of youth informing and counselling in The Netherlands and Croatia, and with the purpose of adjusting the work with young people in this field on EU level, disseminate around the Europe by using on-line platforms.