Project Description

The project “We’ll shadow you!” primary aims at contributing to the increasing the quality level of services in the field of youth informing and counseling in Youth Info Centers in Croatia, but as well as across the Europe through sharing the methods, ways of work and examples of good practice in youth work, especially in the field of youth informing and counseling.
Target group of the project are Youth Information Workers that directly works with young people – beneficiaries of PRONI’s Youth Information Centers in Osijek, Vukovar and Sisak, as well as Youth and Community Worker that works on development of youth and community programs, including development of programs and work with Youth Information Workers and beneficiaries of Youth Information Centers.

The main activity of the project will be seven days job shadowing in partner organization in abroad, active in the field of youth, specifically in the youth and information work. Therefore, four youth workers from PRONI Centre will from September 6th till September 14th 2016 actively participated in the work of partner organization JONG Rotterdam in The Netherlands, which through direct youth work in Youth Information Center and on the field has longterm experience in youth information and counseling work and development of new youth work methods adjusted to the needs, trends and styles of young people.
The follow up phase is based on implementation of gained knowledge, skills, methods and ways of work with young people in direct youthwork with beneficiaries in PRONI’s Youth information centers and on the field, as well as on creation and dissemination of Manual with methods and examples of work (good practices) with the youth in the field of youth information and counseling in the Netherlands (Rotterdam), and Croatia (Osijek, Vukovar and Sisak), aimin at making balance of work with young people in the field of youth information and counseling on the EU level.

The main applicant is PRONI Centre for Social Education which will carry out the project in cooperation with the partner organization Stichting JONG Rotterdam from The Netherlands throughout the period of 5 months (from 01.08. to 31.12.2016.).

The project “We’ll shadow you!” whose holder is PRONI Centre for Social Education and partner JONG Rotterdam, is financed by European Union through programme Erasmus+, Key Activity 1 (KA1) – Mobility project for young people and youth workers.