The project “And…action!” aims to promote active citizenship of young people, particularly their joint EU citizenship. The project focuses on improvement of the existing, and development of new skills in the field of youth information work, by using training methodology that enables transfer of relevant info between EU countries and EU candidate countries, about youth informing in EU, organization of youth information work in EU, as well as possibilities to engage young people as active citizens. The promoters in this project are youth organizations from the EU countries, Slovenia and Luxembourg, and EU candidate countries, Turkey and Croatia. The project is meant for 24 targeted participants, 6 from each of 4 targeted countries, that will be encouraged to identify common values in spite of their cultural differences, actively participate in the learning process and their capacity building for using different participatory methods in order to enable civil dialogue among young people in their own countries, especially young people with fewer opportunities. The participants will intensively work on transferring the know-how. The methods chosen enable them to share the ideas and information. The project duration is from May the 1st till October the 1st 2010 and main activity will last for 8 days. The project includes preparatory activities, main activity – theoretical and practical parts of training and intercultural events, and follow-up activities of participants upon returning back to origin countries.

Project ”And..Action!” has been funded with support from the European Commission, through the program Youth in Action, Sub-Action 4.3 – Training and networking of those active in youth work and youth organisations


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