Project Description

The project “Community Developers” planned jointly by the civil society organizations, period from 1.5.2020. – 31.5.2021 – The PRONI Centre for Social Education (main applicant) and Youth Peace Group Danube from Vukovar and The City of Vukovar as decision-making body, especially when it comes to public policies, aims to further improve the position and quality of life of young people through the development of a new The City of Vukovar Program for Youth of for the period 2021-2024, which will be a key result of the project. This objective is planned to be achieved through networking and joint work of 215 representatives of stakeholders as well as the youth themselves.

Therefore, the project envisages the participation of at least 160 young people – high school students, students, unemployed and active youth, including young people with fewer opportunities and 55 representatives of decision makers and the Youth Council of the City of Vukovar. Through the project, which will be based on the use of non-formal methods of work, both through conducting
thematic discussions and during preparatory and follow up activities – research, the Campaign on the Program, dissemination and the exploitation of results, in which the active role, in addition to employees of partner organizations, will have young people, stakeholders and volunteers themselves, a survey will be conducted on the Habits and Needs of Vukovar Youth with at least 300 young people, 8 thematic discussions in accordance with the planned areas of the The City of Vukovar Program for Youth with 120 youth and 40 decision makers, final thematic discussion with 30 young people and 10 representatives of decision makers to present the proposal of the The City of Vukovar Program for Youth, a thematic meeting with 10 representatives of the decision makers and 5 youth from the City Youth Council and those active in the community to develop the Monitoring Mechanism for The City of Vukovar Program for Youth, which will be an integral part of the Policy paper. Both documents, as key results of the project – The City of Vukovar Program for Youth 2021-2024 and the Monitoring Mechanism, will be disseminated among young people and local stakeholders – civil society organizations and institutions working with youth, as well as used by them aiming at achieving project goals and long-term effects on youth.