Project “Euro-znalci” financially is supported by Vukovar-srijem County and will be implemented from 1st of March till 1st of June 2011.

Overall objective: to raise awareness among primary school pupils of their further involvement in the European integration processes

Specific objectives:

  • to inform primary school pupils about EU and important issues for promotion of human values, children rights and young people
  • to educate primary school pupils  about theoretical EU frames by using non-formal education methods and approaches
  • to inform primary school pupils about Croatian integration processes towards EU
  • to support active dialogue, creation and exchange of attitudes about EU
  • to support active participation of primary school pupils through learning about different cultural and community values of specific EU citizens
  • to enable creative expression of primary school pupils during learning process
  • to promote non-formal education and its values as additional value of formal education in Croatian educational system

Target group:
Pupils of two Primary schools from Vukovar particularly those one from 5th and 6th grades with minimum 20 pupils. We expect that pupils’ participation in attractive program enable indirect informing of their peers, as well as of several teachers. Therefore, we believe that by implementing this project we could indirectly influence on minimum 150 pupils and teachers, as well as parents, member of families and pupils friends.

Main activities:
Adjustment of program activities with the individual needs and levels of pupils’ knowledge. Implementation of several activities related to informing, education and bringing together children and youth through interactive workshops and final quiz.