Project Description

The project Exploring Pathways to an Ecological Renaissance  is a project built in partnership of several civil society organizations, public institution and experts from Zagreb, Zlarin and Vukovar – Tatavaka, Zmag, Satelit, Technical school Nikola Tesla Vukovar and PRONI Centre for Social Education as the lead partner.

It will be implemented in the city of Vukovar and will focus mostly on young community leaders and young people with leadership potential. Therefore, we want to give them a chance to learn about the challenges our world faces today and to build their capacity to respond to them. It is important to stress that our intention is to foster conversation of resilience and adaptation to a changing environment. Not to impose any kind of external reconciliation practices.

It will be implemented in the period of one year, starting on November 1st 2021.  and will cover four stages:

I – INCEPTION PHASE – preparation phase

II – LEARNING PHASE – Designing and implementation of a 5-month educational program which will focus on local action for responding to climate crisis, forming a vision of a common, sustainable future for Vukovar and gaining management and communication skills needed for translating this vision into concrete community actions.

III – ACTION PHASE – Implementation of at least 3 community actions based on ideas defined by participants’ needs and interests, around specific climate action themes they chose, as well as creation of toolkit as an additional source for the implementation of those actions.

IV – REFLECTION PHASE – Organization of the final event, with the purpose to presents the results of all 3 (or more) direct actions undertaken. Aside from a public event, an evaluation session will take part.

Results manifesting change:

  • at least 20 community leaders (majority under 35) gained insight into main challenges of our time complemented by basic skills for responding to them
  • at least 3 meaningful and concrete community climate actions prepared and implemented
  • at least 50 school children educated on basics of climate change
  • 1 toolkit for tackling climate change locally designed and published
  • results of local projects presented to at least 80 people from Vukovar and local/regional/national decision-makers

The project is being funded by the Civic Europe program with the amount of 35.000 Euro.