Project Description

Project “Let’s be inclusive!”, which will last for 15 months (from November 2nd 2020 till February 1st 2022), will be implemented in the city of Vukovar, Croatia.

Aim of the project: To support development of inclusive volunteering which in the area of the local community is lacking and in development, compared to other types of volunteering.

In this process, we wish to actively involve young people, and thus encourage intergenerational solidarity, care for the whole society and social inclusion, which will contribute to raising the level of socialization and quality of life among the elderly and infirm population of Vukovar.

In order to achieve these goals, PRONI Centre in cooperation with the Association of Red Cross Vukovar, will work on building, empowering and sustainability of volunteer team whose members will be young people from the community, and thus more strongly encourage their involvement in inclusive volunteering. Building such a team of volunteers will contribute to the development of the capacity of the Association of Red Cross Vukovar, but also to their recognition in the local community as a new organizer of volunteers in the field of inclusive volunteering, not only in working with the elderly and infirm population at the local level, but also in   the areas of new forms of work, for example with migrants and other target groups in need of help and support.

The activities will be implemented throughout 12 months, starting November 16th 2020, in which active role will have two international volunteers:

  1. In cooperation with the young people – members of the Association of Red Cross Vukovar, to work on promotion of inclusive volunteering among young people in local community (delivering information on promotion desks in community, civil society organizations, schools, university, and on-line), in order to motivate them to become involved and part of the team that will work together on inclusive volunteering.
  2. Practicing inclusive volunteering – both international and local volunteers will visit the target group (elderly and infirm people) three times a week to provide support and assistance in carrying out their daily tasks – at home, garden, shopping of necessity, conversation and making company, etc.
  3. Organization of activities for youth and/or local volunteer team of the Association of Red Cross Vukovar – social gatherings and language course and any other suitable activities at least twice per week, in order to strengthen the capacities of local volunteers and their communication skills needed to work with other target groups, such as migrants with whom the Red Cross conducts activities when needed, but also to support them in raising their confidence when making decisions to join the Program of European Solidarity Corps.

Through the joint action of international and local volunteers to develop inclusive volunteering, it will contribute to the promotion of the European Solidarity Corps, as well as to raising the level of motivation of young people to participate in solidarity programs through the mentioned Program.

Project “Let’s be inclusive!” is co-funded by the European Solidarity Corps of the European Union and the City of Vukovar.