Project Description

The project “Operativka” which implementation will be organized in the city of Vukovar through the period of 8 months (May 1st to December 31, 2017) by PRONI Centre for Social Education, aims at raising the quality of life of young people in the city of Vukovar.

In order to contribute to this aim, the plan is through the process of structured dialogue between young people and decision-makers, responsible persons for creation of youth policies in the city of Vukovar, to develop Operational Plan of the City Youth Programme, and therefore to enable its quality implementation.

In the project implementation directly will be involved two target groups, 105 young people between 15 and 30 years old, including those with fewer opportunities, and 45 representatives of local stakeholders, decision-makers.

In cooperation with associates – representatives of local stakeholders that deal with young people, the activities will be implemented through several phases, and will start with the research with 300 young people about The City Youth Programme and follow up presentation. In order to develop Operational Plan, during main implementation phase there will be organized 7 thematic public discussions with young people and decision-makers in a form of structured dialogue and one final with the aim to create the Draft of the City Youth Programme Operational Plan with its priorities, measure and activity carriers and time table. Upon creation of Draft, a public consultation will be organized aiming at final tuning of the Operation Plan and preparing for the procedure of acceptance among City decision-makers. During this process and upon its acceptance, within the final project phase will be organized activities directed to the spreading of impact and project results. Besides promotional activities and on-line sharing of Operational Plan, it will be organized a special dissemination event on which at least 20 local stakeholders from public and civil sector that deal with youth will be introduced in details with the plan of the City Youth Programme implementation, as well as motivated on active participation in quality usage of this project result.


The project “Operativka” is financed by European Union through programme Erasmus+, Key Activity 3 (KA3) – Support for policy reforms – Structured Dialogue: Meetings between young people and decision-makers in the field of youth.