The project „Schoolunteering“ which in partnership with educational institutions – Economic school Vukovar, Primary school Nikola Andric VukovarTechnical School Sisak and civil society organization – Volunteer Centre Osijek, implements PRONI Centre for Social Education, aims at increasing the number of quality and sustainable volunteering programs, especially programs of school and community volunteering, through education and upbringing programs for volunteering in schools and civil society organizations in Vukovar-Srijem and Sisak-Moslavina counties.

Within two years, from June 1, 2017 to May 31, 2019, activities grouped in two project elements 1) Development and implementation of school volunteering programs and upbringing programs for volunteering and 2) Development and implementation of sustainable community volunteering programs, the following objectives are planned to be achieved:

– Objective 1. To provide support to primary and secondary schools in Vukovar-Srijem and Sisak-Moslavina counties in development and implementation of school volunteering programs and upbringing programs for volunteering through increasing the level of educated and involved children, youth and their parents, as well as school staff in school volunteering programs
– Objective 2. To develop sustainable community volunteering programs in cooperation with primary and secondary schools and civil society organizations from Vukovar-Srijem and Sisak-Moslavina counties

Expected results:

Objective 1 will be achieved through implementation of introduction conferences, educational programs for school staff, pupils and parents, development of school volunteer clubs and their official establishment and functioning, continuous mentoring and advising support through during planning and implementation of school voluntary actions and promotion of voluntarism
Objective 2 will be achieved through educational programs for CSO employees and joint capacity building program and networking of local stakeholders (school volunteer clubs and CSOs) aiming at organizing at least 6 community voluntary actions during school breaks (holidays), as well as though promotion of examples of good practice in the field of school and community volunteering to wider public on final conference.

Direct project beneficiaries:
– Children and youth (pupils of primary and secondary schools): at least 30 pupils of final primary school grades (7th and 8th grade) and at least 30 pupils of secondary schools (1st and 2nd grade) from targeted counties
– Employees of CSOs and public institutions (volunteering organizers): at least 20 volunteering organizers employees from at least 10 primary and secondary schools and at least 20 representatives from 10 civil society organizations from targeted counties
– Primary and secondary pupils’ parents from targeted counties: at least 18 parents from at least 6 schools in which school volunteer clubs will be established
– Volunteers: at least 8 volunteers age range between 18 and 25 years old

The total amount of the project “Schoolunteering” is 1.134.356,84 HRK. The amount of European Union co-financing is 911.652,93 HRK.

Contact person for more information:

Goran Jelenić
The project manager
skolontiranje@proni.hrOP ULJP_ESF-logo lenta i napis

The project is co-financed by European Union from European Social Fund.
The project content is sole responsibility of PRONI Center for Social Education. ;