The project is financed by European Commission within CARDS program – Local Partnerships for Employment – Phase 2., and will be implemented in the Vukovar-srijem County within 12 onths, starting from 1st of July 2007.

Main goal:

  • decrease unemployment of young women in Vukovar-srijem County

Target group is long-term unemployed women with finished hair-dresser and tailor high school, registered on Croatian Employment Service in Vukovar-srijem County.

In the purpose of contributing in solving this problem we are planning to implement activities and achieve the results as follow:

  • to educate 120 young women through set of workshops “My personal marketing”, and through development of new skills in personal presenting, job interviewing and active job seeking via Internet, increase the level of employment. The workshops will be implemented by project partners – Croatian Employment Service Vukovar and Vinkovci;
  • to implement vocational educational and training program in the fields of traditional crafts (mainly gold-sewing, creation of traditional clothes and hairs) for 50 young women.. Program will be implemented by project partner – Technical College Vinkovci;
  • to implement training program for preparation for taking artisan exam for 20 young women. Trainings and organization of artisan exam will be implemented by project partners – Technical College Vinkovci and Chamber of Crafts and Trades of Vukovar-srijem County;
  • to educate 45 young women through 3 modules “Basic of entrepreneurship”, and 20 young women through extra 2 modules “Start your business” which will be implemented by project partner – Local Economic Development Agency Vinkovci;

PRONI Center for Social Education will work on:

  • development and establishment of women NGO in Vukovar-srijem County, as well as on setting up the premises where the beneficiaries will have opportunity to implement extra practice, and start with social entrepreneurship;
  • promotion of example of best practice in Vukovar-srijem County through public presentations;


Proni Center for Social Education is main applicant and coordinator of partner project in which participate:

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