Project Volunteer Centre Vukovar, which in partnership with The City of Vukovar and Youth Peace Group Danube, Vukovar and affiliated organization (Volunteer Centre Osijek) and institutions (The City Library Vukovar and Croatian Employment Service, Regional Office Vukovar) implements PRONI Centre for Social Education, aims at contributing to the structured development of voluntarism through active role of Volunteer centre in the city of Vukovar.
Within one year of the project duration (1.8.2015.-31.07.2016.) through further active role of local Volunteer centre and orientation on general population of citizens, youth and volunteers as target groups, the project team will be focused on reaching the following specific objectives:
– through promotion and informative activities, public discussions and presentations, promotion of good practices and certificate of competences acquired by volunteering, as well as through organization of volunteer award ceremony: to raise awareness and level of information among citizens, especially young people and stakeholders from the city of Vukovar and Vukovar-Srijem County, about the importance and values of voluntarism, values acquired by volunteering and possibilities which volunteering provides; to motivate citizens, especially young people to actively participate in society through their Active volunteering and to increase number of volunteers in city of Vukovar; to motivate institutions and CSOs (potential organizers of volunteering) to start volunteer programs and to increase number of organizers of volunteering in the city of Vukovar.
– through the implementation of educational activities: to raise the level of knowledge and competences of volunteer and organizers of volunteering on subjects: Volunteer management and training of volunteer coordinators; to raise the level of competences among organizers of volunteering for issuing the certificate of acquired competences by volunteering; to improve the quality of volunteering and volunteer programmes among organizers of volunteers.
-trough organized volunteer activities: to stimulate active participation of citizens, especially young people, in implementation of volunteer activities in local community
-trough regular maintenance and update of electronic database of Volunteer centre Vukovar about the needs for volunteer work: to improve the system of information exchange between volunteers and organizers of volunteering in the city of Vukovar.
Listed goals will be achieved through implementation of 5 crucial activities:
1. Promotion activities focused on promotion of good practice and value of volunteering and to motivate citizens on active participation in volunteering programs by disseminating information about voluntarism, promotion of Certificates of competences acquired through volunteering and annual voluntary award ceremony in the city of Vukovar.
2. Implementation of educational activities aiming to train volunteers and organizers of volunteering on the theme of volunteer management and training for coordinators of volunteers trough workshops „Be a volunteer“ and „Management of volunteers“.
3. Implementation of educational activities aiming to train organizers of volunteering to be more skilled in issuing the certificate of competencies acquired through volunteering through workshop “Valuation of volunteers”
4. Implementation of volunteer activates in local community trough organization and involvement of volunteers.
5. Exchange of information about needs for volunteer work through existing and developed database of volunteers and organizers of volunteering and its regular updating with new entries of volunteers and organizers of volunteers.

Project Volunteer Centre Vukovar is financed by The Ministry of Social Policy and Youth