This project is funded through MATRA Program of Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the period of 2 years. Implementation started 1st of April 2009.

Location: Republic of Moldova

By working in partnership with Kontakt der Kontinenten – Dutch implementing organization, Pro Comunitate – implementing organization in Moldova and two universities: State University of Moldova, Faculty of Social Assistance, Sociology and Philosophy and School of Social Work – University Windesheim, PRONI Centre for Social Education – Croatian partner, jointly work on implementation of project in order to achieve goals as stated:

The overall objectives are:

  1. To create sustainable support structures for youth activities and youth participation in rural community development by raising awareness and interest among local & regional governments, parents, teachers and other stakeholders to invest in youth.
  2. To increase knowledge and skills of professionals and volunteers working with young people through training as well as local, national and international exchange of best practices.

Project goal:
To increase the participation of young people in community development through the creation or improvement of sustainable support structures in four selected communities in Moldova’s rural areas, also in cooperation with organizations from the Netherlands and Croatia.

Therefore main activities will be:

  • Kick-off meeting, cross-sectoral seminars with stakeholders, monitoring and evaluation
  • Identification and training of youth leaders and volunteers through youth seminars and study-visits
  • Developing activities and sustainable support structures for youth work in four villages, involving local authorities, parents, teachers and a parent community abroad; also as a model for other villages and other rural districts in Moldova
  • Local and international exchange with representatives of all stakeholders (youth leaders, mayors, parents, social workers and teachers) on best practices for youth development
  • Exchange activities for local professionals and volunteers as well as for students and staff of the Faculty of Social Assistance and Sociology – University of Moldova – and the School for Social Work ‘Windesheim’ from the Netherlands, including internships for students in Moldova, Croatia and The Netherlands and introducing participants with new methods of participatory learning.

Target groups:

  • Youth in the age category of 12 – 18 years and 19 – 29 years,
  • Local governments (mayors and municipal staff),
  • Adults (parents & teachers) & community leaders in target communities,
  • Students/youth leaders who want to become youth worker,
  • Parent community in the United Kingdom.