Info centar logo_maliSearching informations : where and how  ; how to find right information from multiple informations and how to adapt it to our needs and situation ; from whom to ask for advise on smaller or larger problems…?
Various and quality informations help young people to make certain decidions or can direct them to involve in activities organization of personal life. Such informations enable and encourage own choises in organizing personal living.
Youth info-center Osijek is directed on general informing young people and adapting  to all of their questions and needs.

Youth info-center for youth Osijek is regional in character ,and it is focused on young people  aged  between 15 and 29 years.It is adapted for people who lack in possibilities for researching of informations, as for those for whom existing possibilities are insufficient. Youth info-center gives young people various informations at one place, and also a possibility to obtain needed skills for finding them by themselves.

Areas of informing youth according to National programe of action for youth are grouped as follows : education and informatizationemploying and enterpreneurshipsocial politics for young peoplehealth care and reproduction healthactive participation of youth in societybuilding civil society and volunteer workculture of youth and free timemobility, informing and consulting Youth info-center also provides services complementary to basic informing and consulting, like education on various subjects, helping organize and implement projects, etc.

Like wise, youth info-center provides informational materials from various sources (NGOs, public institutions, citizens, bussines sector and others) which promote activities and possibilities for young people, and through their work support young people. In providing servises, users of info-center are given personal choise, and their autonomy and privacy is guaranteed. Informations and consulting will be availlable: by direct contact in info centarthrough documentid informations (books, leaflet, videos)by telephoneby e-mail, web sitethrough organised workshops and lecturesthrough occasional visits to schools, faculties, and other cities and villages from region Work of youth info-center is based on cooperation with other relevant servese, public institutions, expertise assocciate, including volonteers.

Youth info-center is opened for all young people with no exception and without previous announcement. Project Regional informativ center for youth Osijek  performs Proni center for social education, in coorporate with city Osijek, with financional background of ministry of family, veterans affear and intergeneration solidarity.

Youth info-center Osijek
Kralja Zvonimira 15
Tel/fax: ++385 (0)31/28-30-56