logoicmProject Vukovar Youth Info Center is implemented by PRONI Center for social education with support of City of Vukovar and Vukovar – Srijem county. Aim of this project is providing of informations, education and advicing of Vukovar youth, gathering informations on local, regional, national and international levels and creating of support network  for young people.

«Respect for democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms implies the right of all young people to have access to complete, objective, understandable and reliable information on all their questions and needs.»

(From European Youth Information Charter)

YIC Vukovar is unique place, space available to all young people that will provide them different and quality content. It is situated in 204. vukovarske brigade 43. Working hours are during weekdays from 11.00 till 16.00 hours.


Youth Info Center Vukovar base its activities on general informing of young people and adopts to all their issues and needs. YIC Vukovar covers with its work area of Vukovar on all resident young people from 15 to 30 years old. It is adopted to all those who do not have capabilities for information search and also to those whose capabilities for this proces are limited. YIC Vukovar provides various information on one place and also possibilitie to gain knowledge how to be successful in information search.

Areas of informing of young people in YIC Vukovar are in coordination with National program for youth and they are grouped as followed: education and informatisation, employment and entrepreneurship, social politics, health care, active participation, culture and free time and youth mobility, informing and counseling.

YIC Vukovar also provides services that are complementary to basic informing and counseling such as education about different subjects, help in organization and implementation of projects etc. While providing help and asistence to all beneficieres of YIC Vukovar respect of their autonomy and privacy is guaranteed.

Informing and counceling of young people is available through direct contact with employees, through documented informations (books, brochures…), e-mail and organised workshops and lectures.

Work of YIC Vukovar is based on cooperation with other organizations, relevant services, public institutions, professional individuals and also on including of young volunteers in all activities and programs.

YIC Vukovar is open for all young people without exception or previous announcement.

Youth Info Center Vukovar
Address: 204. vukovarske brigade 43 32000 Vukovar
Tel: +381 32 450 106
web: http://www.icm-vukovar.info/
e-mail: icm-vu@proni.hr