Skolontiranje – partner meeting in Sisak

Within the project “Skolontiranje“, a second partner meeting of educational institutions and civil society organization took place. On meeting which was organized on September 28, in PRONI office in Sisak, the representatives of partner organizations talked about implemented activities, as well as about plans of coming educational activities in the field of school volunteering and youth and community work. Additionally, this was an opportunity for deeper understanding and preparation for the proces of development of Program of school volunteer clubs on which the work and functioning of School volunteer clubs will be based upon their official opening planned for the beginning of the second school year semester in January 2018.

The project Skolontiranje is co-financed by European Uniona from European Social Fund with 1.072.532,86 kn, a ukupna vrijednost projekta je 1.134.356,84 kn.




2. partenrski sastanak - Sisak Skolontiranje (3)

2. partenrski sastanak - Sisak Skolontiranje (1)

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