European House Vukovar within the project “Youth Network in the Community” have had organized on Wednesday 15 July 2015, a one-day study tour to the city of Tuzla. The aim of travel was to exchange experience and good practice between organizations dealing with young people and to encourage the networking of youth.

Employees of PRONI Centre for social education / Youth Info Centre Vukovar and 4 volunteers of Youth Info Centre Vukovar have participated in this exchange of experience and good practice between organizations dealing with young people.


A meeting place for young activists and employees of civil society organizations was a Multifunctional training house for youth “Labyrinth” which is located in the suburbs of the city of Tuzla called “Simin Han”. During the meeting, the hosts presented the work of the Tuzla Community Foundation, the Organization “Smile for Smile”, Youth Bank of Tuzla, Multifunctional training house for youth “Labyrinth” and the Network of student councils of Tuzla Canton.

The project “Youth Network in the Community” was the initiative of the European House Vukovar and the idea was to create good environment for increasing the share of youth activities in the local communities in the Vukovar Srijem County, especially cities of Ilok and Vukovar and Borovo, Negoslavci, Tompojevci and Trpinja.

Young people living in these areas are the children of parents who receive social assistance, children belonging to ethnic minorities, children of veterans, children of parents who are unemployed. In addition, the young people themselves after graduation become long-term unemployed young people, also passive and uninterested.


The main carrier of the project is the European House Vukovar, the project partners are the Youth Club of Tompojevci and Project Center Borovo. Project members are cities of Ilok and Vukovar, LAG Srijem, Project Center Negoslavci, township Trpinja and International Relations Office TINTL.

The project aims to raise the level of quality of life for youth in the area of Vukovar Srijem County (the city of Vukovar and Ilok, and the townships of Borovo, Negoslavci, Tompojevci and Trpinja), and aims to increase social activism and action of young people in local communities.

The initiative for the meeting of young people from the two cities came from Vukovar, and this kind of exchange of experience and good practice proved to be very good and educational.