PRONI Centre for Social Education has a Training centre in Pirovac. The Centre is available for rent by different groups such as NGOs, GOs and others for organizing seminars, training sessions or just for holidays.

IMG_2276Training centre is located in Pirovac in the street of Don Balda Vijalica 11. It has 2 floors (243,66 m2) and a lecture room in the attic. There are 6 bedrooms, a kitchen, a dinning room, 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets, and an air-conditioned lecture room. Centre is fully furnished and can accommodate 28 persons. Outside shower in the yard and parking place are available, too. The beach is app. 200 m away from the house.

Three different arrangements are possible:

  1. Rent of the whole Centre (28 beds, lecture room, kitchen and dinning room)
  2. Rent of ground floor only (12 beds, kitchen and dinning room)
  3. Rent of upper floor with 16 beds (2×6 + 2×2) and lecture room.

WiFi is available in the whole Centre, and TV and VCR in the lecture room.

There are two price arrangements:

  • 18 Euro per day per person (cooking service included)
  • 15 Euro per day per person (self-service)

Rent of linen is 20 HRK per person (not requested).

Advantage will be given to groups of 6 and up.

Look at the photos here.


Period of reservation (from/to)       Name of the organisation/group/person who reserved      Reserved   No. of persons No. of nights
 29.05.-31.05.2019. PRONI Center Whole house 10 20
 16.06.-30.06.2019. PRONI Center Whole house 26 234
 29.07.-11.08.2019. Mikulic !st floor 4 52
 03.-17.08.2019. Stojanovic Groundfloor-right room 2 28


If you need more information or you are interested in staying in our Training centre, please contact PRONI Centre by phone ( +385 31 207 428) or by e-mail.

We want to express special thanks to the association «Imagine» from Zagreb and Youth Club Negoslavci which helped us in equipping the Training centre Pirovac..